Welcome back to The Mad & Noisy Improv Company. The world that we know has gone through some BIG changes. As improvisors we face the unknown, and the unpredictable with the understanding that we have to trust the moment. It is not an easy task to surrender to the present. It requires some faith that if we listen, and support our partners we will get through these things together, with the added bonus of knowing that we created something meaningful and magical along the way. It is our duty to trust this moment, to accept the hurdles in front of us and provide our offer to the situation.

While we are desperately missing our weekly meet ups with our community of improvisors, we have not lost sight of our vision for the Mad & Noisy Improv Company: It is our goal to create the most dynamic comedy theatre and training centre in the world, located in Collingwood Ontario Canada. We may not have the opportunity to meet in person but we are adapting and we will be offering our amazing classes online.

The MANIC Improv Training Center strives to be a centre of excellence. We will be offering classes, workshops and seminars that are suitable for the casual student and the developing professional. All of our instructors are working professionals who bring a wealth of experience to our students.    


The Mad & Noisy Improv Company offers workshops to our business clients, that transform your employees into a well oiled machine.

We create original content for your private special events. Celebrate a wedding shower, a milestone anniversary, or a retirement party. Let us create a memory that will last forever!


The Mad & Noisy Improv Company has been established. We are auditioning actors of all experience levels to form our first ensemble of players.
It is our mandate to create original content through Improvisational Theatre. Experience is an asset but not required. Workshops will be offered and members are encouraged to participate. We will meet weekly on Monday Evenings in Collingwood Ontario. Reach us at info@manicimprov.com

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