Welcome to the Mad & Noisy Improv Company. I am happy that you have landed on our website. It is an understatement to say that things have been weird lately. As improvisors we face the unknown, and the unpredictable with the understanding that we have to trust this moment. It is not an easy task to surrender to the present moment. It requires some faith that if we listen, and support our partners we will get through these things together, with the added bonus that we created something meaningful, and magical along the way.

While we are desperately missing our weekly meet ups with our community of improvisors, we have not lost sight of our vision for the Mad & Noisy Improv Company. It is our goal to create the best damn improvisational theatre and training centre in the world. (Yeah, it’s a lofty goal, but one that we see with clear eyes).

I have really exciting news to share. Over the next few weeks and months I will be updating our progress through a monthly news letter. (So if you want in on all the latest news then be sure to subscribe to our mailing list)

Peter Madore


The Mad & Noisy Improv Company offers workshops to our business clients, that transform your employees into a well oiled machine.

We create original content for your private special events. Celebrate a wedding shower, a milestone anniversary, or a retirement party. Let us create a memory that will last forever!


Postponed until Further Notice

Specialty Workshop: weekend Intensive with Michael j Gellman

“Michael Gellman taught me at The Second City in Chicago. He is a true artist who, with the adeptness of a brain surgeon, ferreted out the artist in me. Any skill I have today was honed by Gellman. Plus, He’s F’in hysterical”

Scott Adsit, 30 Rock


This Weekend Workshop will focus on techniques for creating exciting performance with and without a text. It is designed to bridge Improvised Acting with our traditional training and experience. Participants are encouraged to expand their potential for creating inspired performance and explore as an ensemble and discover ways to play and be truly present in the moment, and be a truly great ensemble member.

Exciting and inspired performance comes from the courage to work outside of our comfort zones. Come – Lets find the play inside the play.

Over the past 40 years some of the people Mr. Gellman has directed, taught, and acted with are: Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Gilda Radner, Chris Farley, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, George Wendt, Del Close, Dan Castellaneta, Charna Halpern, Mick Napier, Jimmy Carrane, David Pasquesi, Keegan-Michael Key, Linda Kash, Pat McKenna, Joel Murray, David Razowsky, Susan Messing, Bruce Pirrie, Kathryn Greenwood, Ron James, Joe Bill and many others.


Never tried improv before? Perfect! Our drop in class is the best place to begin your journey. Your willingness to let loose and have fun will make your experience with us, one that you won’t soon forget. Meet new people, try something that scares you and find out that anyone can do this!

To Register or learn more contact Peter @ (705) 994-3008 or email info@manicimprov.com


Improv For Anxiety

Mondays beginning October 7,  5:30-7:00pm

Combining improv theatre and relational group work, this class will help you to let go of inhibitions, diminish the impact of judgements,  be more emotionally expressive, live in the moment, be witnessed and valued by others, and expand your perspectives about relationships. This program is best suited for students who are looking for a powerful and non threatening way to relieve stress, build connections with peers, develop self awareness, find an outlet to express feelings in community, reduce social anxiety and/or isolation and to have fun. Students don’t need to have any experience to take this class, however,  experienced improvisors will also benefit from the unique format. There is no expectation that students are funny, just that they are willing to open themselves up in authentic ways in the supportive class setting. The funny will extend from this sincerity.

Cost $175

To register for this class please contact Peter directly at 705-994-3008

Improv Step 1: The Foundation

This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to improvise, including people who want to improvise for fun, to develop their professional skills, or to meet with new friends. This 8 week session immerses students in the MANIC brand of improvisation. The Foundation classes stress the importance of active listening and accepting of our teammates ideas to develop scene work, and group play that is dynamic and compelling. Improvisors will work to discover, explore and create their story together in a fun and lively environment. Simple, Honest, Truthful, and Hilarious. No experience necessary. Students will perform at the conclusion of the class.

Cost $175

*Classes are limited to 12 participants

Running time for each class is 2 hours.

Where: 74 Hurontario St. suite 213 Collingwood Ont.

To register for this class call Peter at (705) 994-3008 or email info@manicimprov.com  

Improv Step 2: The Frame

Pre-requist Step 1: The Foundation.

Improvisors become Architects! Now We’re Building! We are using all the tools and skills that we learned in The Foundation to create The Frame. We work within narrative structures to explore and challenge the conventional wisdom of literary Physics. Anything goes. We focus on group dynamics. We discover the Pillar that is each player, and we develop our strengths to build a solid house. Students will perform at the conclusion of the class.

When: TBD

Teens Improv Class

This 8 week class is for teens who want to learn how to improvise in a fun, high-energy, low pressure environment. Students get up and play various games and exercises that focus on introducing the students to the core concepts and principles of improv: building ensemble, giving and taking focus, and embracing the concept of “YES, AND”. Students will leave the class with a a sense of  Acceptance, Team Bonding, and Communication.

*Class is limited to 12 participants

Classes run for 2 hours.


The Mad & Noisy Improv Company has been established. We are auditioning actors of all experience levels to form our first ensemble of players.
It is our mandate to create original content through Improvisational Theatre. Experience is an asset but not required. Workshops will be offered and members are encouraged to participate. We will meet weekly on Monday Evenings in Collingwood Ontario. Reach us at info@manicimprov.com

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