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In 2013 my partner Tara, and I moved our kids Griffin and Lily from Toronto to Creemore to pursue new work, and lifestyle opportunities. We were delightfully overcome by the natural beauty and mystery of our new community. 

Sadly, I was leaving behind great friends and experiences that I forged through a close community of improvisors. My passion for improv was uncovered in my first classes at The Second City Training Centre almost 20 years ago. The experience of stepping onto a stage with others to create something wonderful right away was mesmerizing. The feeling comes up out of your gut, it comes up out of your heart. I could not leave that experience behind and so I started offering my workshops immediately. In short time the classes were selling out, and my students were demanding more. I co-produced my first show the following January and we packed our little community centre with over one hundred people in the middle of a snowstorm! Something magical was beginning to happen.

Our shows were exposing us to a broader audience and a new community of students. I was witnessing them as they experienced a brand of creativity and community that I submit is only accessible through improv because everyone can do it! My greatest pride is that I have been able to use my skill and passion for improvising to facilitate and guide an emerging ensemble of players who find friendship, and community at MANIC Improv.   

Literature has endowed rivers with the power to harness creative energy. In Creemore where the Mad & Noisy rivers meet, the energy can often feel palpable. This little theatre company has a big name to live up to. I am excited to share my passion for improv with this community and I hope that you will join us as we continue to write our story.

Peter founded the Mad & Noisy Improv Company in 2013. He has studied extensively with the Impatient Theatre Co. The Second City and The Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto and, the renowned iO Theater in Chicago Ill.

What students are saying

A Hoot! Thanks to all of you! Hope to see you again.
– BL

Yes, yes, yes it was an absolute blast!! Thanks again to Peter and the rest of the Mad & Noisy Improv Company
– MM

I absolutely loved my improv nights.  A fun, great group! I was able to ‘let my hair down’ and feel great doing it.  Peter you challenged us to do things that we would never have done otherwise and that was wonderful.  Thank you so very much!!!
– MH

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